Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Grumpasaurus Rex Attacks

Today while the mermaid was taking her daily afternoon bath (and I was trying to remember how many baths it took to totally erase all traces of Vaseline after the last Vaseline hair incident) I put down a blanket on the floor for James to play on and soon found myself stretched out next to him listening to the sound of Maggie playing with her mermaid doll.  

The following moments made me smile and since I managed to capture them on camera I thought I'd share them here too.  In my head I labeled them "The Attack of the Grumpasaurus Rex" but that doesn't quite fit since he's so smiley more often than not these days:

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  1. James could be a Gerber baby! No more Mr. Grumpiness: all that's turned to smiles (I hope). I love the first photo. So adorable, both him and you.
    Praying they get to the bottom of your symptoms, and it's an easy fix. (BTW, you should consider mold or fungus as having taken up residence in your nasal cavities. Look at Doug Kaufmann's "Know the Cause" website. Antibiotics have no affect on mold or fungal infections/infestations, but in light of your "river runs through it" basement, and how you're the one having to work with the aftermath, you might consider looking into it as a cause. Doctors often don't even think of these as possibilities for problems. You might want to do some research.)
    God bless. ~ Bonnie


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