Saturday, March 14, 2015

Patch and James and the Pine Cones

It can be tough to be the rock star baby in a family of adoring older siblings.  Even when they should be distracted by playing outside.

Patch was very busy working in the yard.  He  brought me the rake and told me it was a rake.  And he started collecting pine cones in a bucket:

And then I noticed that he was "sharing" his treasured pine cones with his little brother.  He even put one of the pine cones in James' hand.

James wasn't really all that excited by the pine cones.

Or the leaf.  

Patch is impatiently awaiting the day when his little brother is a little bit more fun to play with in the mud on a sunny almost-spring afternoon like today!


  1. My #2 boy got some of his first solids offered by older brother; pb and j crusts shoved through the crib bars! LOL (he wasn't interested) As adults; they are still very close even though they now live in different cities!

    1. LOL!

      I did find a piece of gf bread in the playpen with James. I'm pretty sure Patch was trying to feed him too!


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