Monday, February 2, 2009

A Day at Turtle Bay

Suddenly, Sadie is fascinated with the world around her!  
She's always been interested, but now she's more interactive and so much fun!

Paul is working evenings for the most part right now, so he's getting used to being awake during the day again (it's tough for him to switch back and forth each day depending on his schedule).  We took advantage of the beautiful day and headed back to Turtle Bay to see the geckos and play on the playground.   
When we got to the park we started out by visiting the fish, for the second time in four days.  Sadie pointed out the trout and sturgeon, just in case anyone had missed the giant five foot fish swimming around in the tank (she's really in to pointing at things these days). 

After that we visited the geckos (Sadie watched for a while but then decided that she was going to stubbornly look in any direction in which there wasn't a gecko) and then headed over to look at the different animal pelts (Sadie's favorite were otter, mink and beaver).  From there we headed outside to play on the swings and slide, before heading out to the car before Sadie (and Daddy's) delicate skin got sunburnt. 

She is more determined than ever to resist nap time, even when we're just driving in the car and after a long day I am exhausted (and ready for bed at 8 o'clock).  With a little bit of will power I may make it through Chuck (in 3D).  

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time you all had together. You have a Beautiful family!!

    have great day


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