Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Rapidly Changing List of Our Favorite Things- The Current Top Ten List:

This list changes on a weekly (or hourly) basis.  Sadie is a bit fickle and a favorite toy one moment is completely ignored the next.  Here's where things stand today.  A few have stood the test of time.  This month at least.  

1. The Red Bucket (with or without yellow lid):  The Red Bucket was actually a bucket with little different shaped blocks in it.  The little shapes fit through the shape cutouts in the lid.  However, the little shapes aren't nearly as interesting as the Red Bucket, which has hundreds, maybe even thousands of possible purposes.  It can be a bucket (which is a little bit boring).  It can be a hat.  Sometimes when they're playing I can't even tell what the Red Bucket is pretending to be.

2. Kitty:  Kitty stands the test of time and still makes the list.  Or at least, thrashing Kitty in the middle of the living room each and every morning makes the list.  

3. The Fischer Price Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle:  This one is definitely still on the list.  Sadie has figured out how to pick the balls up and put them down the ramp (and how to pick up the blocks from the Red Bucket and shove them up the bottom of the ramp so that the balls can't go down it).  These are both major developments in hand eye coordination.  

4. The Kneelers at Church:  I'm not sure I can say that these are a toy, but they are definitely on Sadie's list of favorite things.  She does her best to get me to put her down with her feet on the kneelers at church and reaches her hands up to hold on to the top of the pew.  She spent at least twenty minutes on Tuesday standing on the kneeler and trying with every ounce of strength in her body to do a pull-up, so that she could see the front while still hanging on to the pew.  And she absolutely DID NOT want my help.  

5. Squeaky Tiger and Pooh:  As fickle as Sadie is these two favorites still make the list because their squeaks make her smile.  

6. The Fischer Price Barn Set:  The Red Barn has yet to lose it's magic.  Sadie still wishes that she could live inside of it with the little plastic cows, pigs, chickens and camels (yes, the camels from the Nativity Scene live in there too).  

7. Teething Toys:  Preferably refrigerated.  These are lifesavers.  These are my favorite things.  

8. The Exersaucer:  Sadie is desperate to walk without help.  The exersaucer offers her a chance to pretend that it's already possible.  

9. Pillows:  Sadie has decided that she is big enough for a pillow.  She's not.  In fact I'm not sure how old "old enough for a pillow" is, but I'm pretty sure it's still a ways off.  However, now whenever she sees a pillow, she rolls over to it and puts her head on it like she's going to sleep. 

10. Baby Cinderella Doll:  Of course Sadie would love the doll with the loud laughter (that kind of sounds like it's crying).  

After a January that felt more like July (or at least April), February is here and it finally feels like winter.  We woke up to four inches of snow and while it started raining this afternoon it's supposed to snow on and off until this weekend.  We need all the water we can get or we're going to run out of water this summer (we come pretty close each year).  Because we have satellite internet we don't have a great connection when it's stormy (that's why there haven't been any pictures), but hopefully I'll be able to post Sadie Updates.  There's always dial up (that's what I did last night!). 

Sadie Update:
Teething continues, and while there's no tooth in sight, I can feel it.  There's a little rough edge under her gums.  She seems to be feeling better today, but these last few days she's felt better in the morning and then gets fussy in the afternoon and evening.  Tylenol seems to help a lot.  

Sadie's refusal to crawl continues to evolve.  She can now push herself up on all fours and bunny hop, but for the most part when she wants to get somewhere she pushes up, looks in the direction she wants to go and then drops to the ground and rolls.  At one point today she pushed up onto all fours and pushed with her hands to try to stand up, which seems ambitious for a baby who can't go from laying completely flat to sitting up on her own.  

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