Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Husky Baby Makes Friends

Paul has been hard at work on his final paper for his last class, so Sadie and I spent the day in Redding with Nani and Grumpa so that we wouldn't be a distraction. We went to lunch at Applebee's, which was only half full. It's usually bursting at the seams at lunch time, with a line out the door, but the recession has hit Redding hard and people aren't going out to eat. We were seated in what was clearly the "kid's section." I don't mind as much as I did when Sadie was tiny. If a baby starts crying now she swivels around to see what's going on, but doesn't join in the noise.

Seated at the table next to us was a dad and a very pregnant mom, with two little boys. The boys noticed Sadie right away. We quickly learned that they were expecting their own little sister. The younger boy, Benjamin, who told us that he was three years old, also told his mom that he wanted "that baby! Exactly that baby!" to be his little sister. Both boys took turns coming over to say hi to Sadie. They were very polite and sweet!

Once they turned their attention back to eating, Sadie did everything she possibly could to regain their attention. I was trying to feed her lunch (we started blue berries today), but she was not interested. She would repeat an ear splitting squeal, while I would try to distract her and stick the spoon in her mouth. I finally got her to hold on to her sippy cup (although then it was pretty clear that she wanted the boys to see her with her sippy cup, because she kept taking sips and then turning around to see if they were looking). It was really cute (if you take out the ear splitting squeals) and she had fun.

As we were getting up to leave Sadie made eye contact with a man a few tables away and started to giggle and coo. He was a gruff looking man, who was easily four hundred pounds. I mention this, because of what he said next. He looked at Sadie and then asked Nani (who had just picked Sadie up) how old Sadie is. When Nani replied that she's almost eight months old he said "Wow. Husky, isn't she?" His wife looked like she was going to kill him. Nani's reply was, "She is very tall." I laughed all the way to the car.

Tomorrow we are going to attempt to take Sadie to a movie. This is not an outing for the faint of heart. Hopefully it will give Paul a chance to finish his paper!

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