Monday, February 16, 2009

A Girl's Lunch and the Tooth that Won't Quite Come In

Nani and I took Sadie out for a girl's lunch today at Round Table, before we headed to the supermarket to pick up lasagna for dinner.  When we walked in the door, a little girl in a pink hat started pulling on her mom's arm and pointing at Sadie.  Five minutes later when we sat down a few tables away she was still very interested in "that baby."  When I walked by to get a salad I noticed that there was actually a high chair next to the little girl, complete with a cute little baby boy, who looked to be a few months older than Sadie.  Minutes later Nani heard her loudly tell her mom, "I want us to get a baby exactly like that one over there."  Sadie's pink outfit and pink floppy chair cover must have given her away as a girl.  

Sadie is still going through the terrible teething faze.  The first tooth, which made an appearance yesterday, is still just a little line.  With her hair turning blonde and her teeth coming in she's starting to look very different.  And her hair, which is kind of in a crazy phase right now really is looking lighter and lighter every day.  

Tonight's blog will be cut short again.  We are still on a sleeping strike (I can't help but think this has a lot to do with that little tooth that's trying to come in) and Sadie is wide awake (Mommy has brand new darker under eye circles too!).  The upside is that she seems to be sleeping better when she finally gets to sleep.  The downside is that she's seems exhausted all day long.  Hopefully we find a happy medium soon.  

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