Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Tough Day

Sadie is 2'6".  That's right.  30 inches.  That's eight inches taller than she was seven months ago when she was born.

At this rate, she is going to be taller than me by kindergarden.  In another two an a half inches she will be half my height.  

Sadie has been having a bit of a hard time these last few days.  I won't go into all the gory details, but I believe that it has something to do with the iron levels in her food now that she's eating meat (just chicken and turkey so far, but that's all I can think of).  She's still getting tons of fruits and veggies, but apparently she's not getting enough... fiber...  

The doctor said to give her water with a teaspoon of karro syrup in it and I've been feeding her prunes and pears at every meal (she's now refusing to eat prunes and pears), along with a couple ounces of fruit juice once a day (which I've actually now replaced with prune juice since she's refusing to eat mushed prunes).  

I guess I hadn't realized until today, with her tummy hurting, how tough Sadie really is.  Now that she's moving around she is constantly bumping into things (as I run around trying to keep her from bumping into things) and she hardly ever really cries (and she's not even crawling yet!).  She fusses when she's angry and she's definitely capable of having a total meltdown when she's not getting her way, but in a typical day she doesn't usually cry actual tears.  Today, on four separate occasions, her little body went rigid and she cried hysterically and was completely inconsolable.  I felt so helpless! 

To make matters worse, we've finally gotten a little bit of the rain that we desperately need, so we only walked a mile today, instead of our standard 3-6 miles.  Our daily walks are Sadie's favorite part of the day, and I think she definitely missed all the time outdoors.  

I think tomorrow should be better.  Again without going in to any gory details, the prunes are beginning to work!  Yay!!!!


  1. from your pictures recently it looks like you guys are living in july while we're stuck in february. how hot is it out there, anyway? you better start doing some rain dances.

  2. It has been really warm, but we got some rain today! Everything is so dry and all the green we had (which wasn't much) was turning yellow. Now it's kind of a neon green.

    While I logically know that we need the rain, it's hard not to love the warm weather. I won't love it though when it's 110 without water!


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