Sunday, February 1, 2009

Matching with Mommy

Earlier this month I picked out a few dresses for Sadie at Macy's, using a gift certificate from Christmas.  It's a little bit risky buying dresses for Sadie in advance (these are summer dresses) because we really have no idea what size she's going to be in a few months.  Before she was born we saw an entire rack of dresses on sale (also at Macy's, only this time in Union Square) and went a little bit crazy (we had just found out that she was a girl!).  They were beautiful Christmas dresses and they were 75% off, so we bought some for this year and some for next year.  Or at least, that was what we thought at the time.  

The thing is, we figured out six month old baby would be wearing six month old dresses, rather than 18 month dresses and that next year she would probably be wearing 24 month dresses (just to be safe).  At 20 weeks along, we didn't suspect that our tiny princess baby might be rather large when she was born.  

As it turned out, Sadie wasn't a tiny baby and when she was born we had to squeeze her in to the "newborn" sized outfits.  When she was a month old she had grown out of most of the outfits that had 0-3 tags on them.  So these days I'm a little bit nervous about shopping in advance, even when there's a really great sale.  But I really loved these dresses and I knew that they would be gone by summer.  

I did something that I promised myself several months ago I wouldn't do any longer. I guessed what size Sadie would be this June.  

Here my guess:  2t.  I wouldn't have made this guess with anything involving feet or pants, because her length hasn't really slowed down much, but she's started to turn into a little string bean, and I think some of the smaller dresses might even fit again soon.  
So I bought three 2t dresses and I'm praying that they will still fit this summer.  

That brings us to this Friday.  While Grumpa was at Home Depot on Friday buying cabinet locks to keep Sadie out of the cabinets, Nani and I took Sadie to the mall to walk around.  We went upstairs to the baby section in Macy's and the dresses were marked down even lower.  A rack nearby in the girl's section caught my eye.  It was one of Sadie's dresses (navy blue with white and red flowers that I thought would be perfect for the Fourth of July) in "big girls" sizes (think for grade school ages).  

Now to understand why I would even think of trying on one of these dresses you have to go back to our trip to the bay area last week.  When Kehli, Michelle, Sadie and I were at Target we saw a rack of Christmas pajamas that were on super sale (think $4) and went over to check them out.  There They were.  The pajamas that I had desperately wanted for Christmas, but that were sold out because I waited too long for them to go on sale.  For only $4.  

I happily purchased them (they said they were 10/12, which is 2 sizes too big, but I figured that pajamas can be big!) and happily brought them home.  When I tried them on I found I was mistaken.  Someone had accidently put the girls pajamas in the women's section and while I could fit into them they were ridiculously short (and not exactly comfortable).  

The largest dress that matched Sadie's in Macy's was a girl's 16.  I figured if I could fit into a 10/12 in pajamas a size 16 might be just right.  So I slipped it in with a few other things and took it into the dressing room (I didn't intend to try on the other things, but I was a little embarrassed to be seen walking into a dressing room with a Girl's dress).  I tried it on and it was perfect!  Sadie and I would match!

I still really didn't want to walk back out of the dressing room and when I did the lady who was standing there looked at me like I was crazy and said in an incredulous tone "that worked out for you?!?!"  

Today Sadie and I wore our matching dresses to Mass and got lots of compliments.  And most people thought that I had made the matching dresses because they were so perfect!  And they were on sale!

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  1. Oh!! It's very interesting idea!! You choose right thing from Macys... Momma and baby both are looking so cute in floral printed matching dresses!!


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