Friday, February 13, 2009

One Binkie, Two Binkie... Red Binkie, Blue Binkie...

Sadie is pretty good at picking up her Binkie, turning it the right direction and putting it in her mouth.  She even does it in her sleep.  The other night when I checked on her she had a Binkie in her mouth and a Binkie in her left hand.  However, she ran in to a little bit of trouble at the dinner table the other night when she was sitting in her high chair.  

She already had a Binkie in her mouth and I picked up another Binkie that was on the dining room table and put it on her tray to see what she would do.  She instantly picked it up and turned it around in her hand and looked at it very carefully.  Then she brought it up to her mouth.  But there was a problem.  There was already a Binkie there.  

We now know that two Binkie's will not fit in Sadie's mouth.  I believe she was disappointed to learn this fact.  Sadie thought that if one Binkie was a good thing, two Binkie's would be a great thing.  We've also learned that a baby can not shove one Binkie through another Binkie, so that she can have them both in her mouth at the same time.  This was another disappointing moment for Sadie.  She ended up with a Binkie in either hand, trying to decide which one looked better.  It was a tough decision.  Finally the pink Binkie with the little silver hearts ended up getting thrown.  

She's getting better with words too.  Today was another fussy teething day (made worse by the fact that it was snowing and we couldn't go outside) and Sadie was kind of whiny.  She spent the afternoon saying "mama, mama, mamama, mam, mama" over and over again.  I really hope these first teeth make an appearance soon.

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