Friday, February 20, 2009

An Incredibly Long Day

Today was one of the longest days in the history of Sadie's life.  When we got to the home today, Hoho, Sadie's Great Grandma on Grumpa's side, wasn't doing very well.  We had only planned on a quick trip to Redding to visit her, with a stop at Costco for Nani and Grumpa to pick up food for church, but the plan began to change after less than five minutes in town.  AMR came to pick Hoho up and take her to the hospital and we followed the ambulance over in our car.  

When they took Hoho in to get tests we headed over to a nearby Round Table for a quick lunch.  When I saw the table that Grumpa had picked, I was resigned to a rowdy lunch.  Sadie's high chair was within two feet of another baby, in another high chair.  I had visions of Sadie squealing uncontrollably for an entire meal (her preferred method of communicating with other babies).  I got Sadie strapped in to her chair just as Nani got back to the table with the plates.  What happened next went something like this. 

Mom at the other table: "Oh, what a cute baby.  How old is she?"
Nani: "She'll be eight months old tomorrow.  How old is your baby?" 
Other Mom:  "She'll be a year this month."
Nani: "Sadie's really tall for her age." (this has become the normal tidbit added to Sadie's age because she is usually taller than babies that are quite a bit older, and because when we say her age there's usually a look of disbelief.)
Other Mom:  "Well Natasza is really tall too."  (silence.  I hadn't really thought of the Sadie being tall as being a competitive thing until that moment.  Apparently it is.) 

It also seemed like a kind of funny thing to say because Sadie looked a lot bigger than the other baby and they were sitting right next to each other.  But it got even stranger.  We were both getting up to leave at about the same time and the other mom brought the baby over and said "see, stand her up on the table next to Tasza."  And we did.  And Sadie had a good inch on her.  There was a moment of silence before the other mom said "oh wow.  They're the same height."  

Nani, Sadie and I spent the rest of the time waiting for Grumpa and Hoho at Turtle Bay (you can really only spend so much time waiting around at a hospital with a baby.  We did wait in the main waiting room instead of the ER waiting room where the sick people are).  Sadie loves the fish more than ever, particularly a brown and gold trout with little turquoise splotches, and kept trying to grab them through the glass.  She was also taken with a giant, hot pink Marilyn Monroe painting by Andy Warhol (she wouldn't take her eyes off of it) in the gallery.  We played for a little while on the slide on the playground and then went over to check out the little grey fox in the animal area.  He was playing with a stuffed white and hot pink tiger.  Then it was back to hospital.  

We finally got home at about 6:30 and Sadie has finally fallen asleep.  Goodnight!  I think she should sleep well tonight.  

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