Saturday, February 21, 2009

Binkies and Blankets

Earlier this week I woke up to a baby trying to stick a Binkie into my mouth.  It was quite a surprise.  

She then found the small pile of Binkies that I keep under one of the pillows (it seems that she had discovered it earlier, but was only then letting on that she knew where they were) and grabbed one of them with her left hand.  Since I was still reluctant to get up, she started to entertain herself by clicking the Binkie in her hand against the Binkie that was already in her mouth.  In less then five minutes Sadie had convinced me that it was time to get up and go downstairs.

Tonight Sadie was trying to get to my notebook, which I had hidden under her pink bunny blanket.  In an attempt to distract her, Grumpa put his hand under the blanket and started moving it around, the way you would if you were playing with a cat.  Sadie, who was sitting on my lap looked at the bump moving around under the blanket, looked up at Grumpa and then reached over and pulled the blanket off of his hand.  She then gave Grumpa a look that said that he was very silly to think that he could fool her.  It was a look I hadn't expected to see her throwing around until she was at least a tween.  

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