Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Milestones

Sadie is suddenly a lot more mobile.  Yesterday she sat up (as in went from laying down to sitting up without any help) for the first time and today she actually started moving her arms when she was trying to crawl and inched forward.  She can already straighten her legs when she's in a crawling position, so that her bum is in the air and it looks like she is about to stand up.  Prior to today she was pretty good at crawling backwards and rolling to get from place to place, but in the last two days she has become fascinated with learning to crawl forward.  

I tried to demonstrate crawling, since she seems to be having a little trouble with how to place her hands, but she giggled hysterically until she was incapable of even attempting to crawl, because of the spectacle of Mommy crawling back and forth around the living room.  It was (apparently) hilarious to watch.  

She has also become pretty fascinated with Grumpa's slippers.  She spent a good five minutes yesterday trying to untie his shoelace (which actually isn't even a real shoelace.  It's just a decorative tie).  

I can't really imagine Sadie tearing around the room on her own, but I have feeling that we're only days away from that scenario.  The cats aren't gong to be safe for very much longer.  

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