Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Have a Tooth

Tonight will be a short blog.  Sadie's first tooth has finally made an appearance (barely) and she is not happy about it.  Thanks to tylenol, oragel and refrigerated baby toys, she is no longer crying, but she's also not going to sleep.  We ran in to this problem last night too.  

Sadie's usual bedtime is 7:30, but last night she didn't fall asleep until 10:30.  The upside of those very long hours was that when she did finally fall asleep, she stayed asleep, until 6:47 this morning.  I think that counts as sleeping through the night (and if she did wake up I was so exhausted that I don't remember it).  

The only time that her teeth don't seem to bother her is when she's in the bath tub.  She was even braver today.  When I turned the tap on full blast she put her hands underneath it and let it splash onto her face with a big smile.  She also lay back and floated in the big bath tub and then stood up and played in the water.  She's our little water baby.  

Now I'm off to get a fussy teething baby to bed...

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