Friday, February 6, 2009

Making Friends

Today was an eventful day.  We had a visitor in the yard this morning and I snapped a few pictures of him before he disappeared back into the forest.  I was fairly sure that I saw a coyote earlier this month at the top of our drive way, so it was probably this little guy.  He really wasn't scary at all (mountain lions freak me out though!).  

Paul took us to Redding today so we could run a few errands (and pick up a copy of turbo taxes so I can get that out of the way).  While we were standing in the checkout line at Walmart, Sadie made a friend.  She was in her little pink stroller and I turned her so she could look at the little boy who was standing next to his mom, in line behind us.  He was three or four and by the time we left he and Sadie were friends.  They had an entire conversation, and this was the part of it that I heard/understood:

Little Boy:  I have a jacket.  It has a zipper.  I can zip the zipper up and down.
Sadie: (smiles and watches him zip the zipper on his jacket up and down)
Little Boy: This is my jacket.  And these are my pants.  And I have shoes on.  I have tie shoes.  (At this point he bends down and starts pulling on his shoe laces) They have ties that tie.  I have tie shoes.  
Sadie: (continues to smile at the little boy)

There was actually quite a bit more to the conversation, but whenever the little boy realized that I was listening to what he was saying he would become very bashful and stop talking, or start talking to Sadie very quietly, so that was the main part that I heard.  After Paul paid it was time for us to leave, and Sadie was upset to say goodbye to her new friend, until we got to the end of the aisle and she made eye contact with a big girl (who was probably about one) and started to giggle.  She's quite a little social butterfly!

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