Monday, February 9, 2009

The Doll and the Conveyor Belt

Paul has been busy working on a big paper for his class so Sadie and I decided to tag along with Nani and Grumpa on a trip to Redding, so that we wouldn't be tempted to distract him.  We stopped at Target so that they could pick up a few things and Sadie and I walked around the baby section, determined not to buy anything.  

Now if I had truly been determined not to buy anything I should have stayed on the opposite side of the store from the baby section, where there are bound to be dozens of things that Sadie "needs."  Surprisingly, I was almost successful (if you ignore the little squirt toy that I found in the bath section).  Just as I was leaving the baby section I saw them.  Next to the tiny baby clothes there was a hanger of little baby dolls in pink and green Saint Patrick's Day dresses.  I picked up a blonde doll and a brown haired doll and showed them both to Sadie.  She lunged at the blonde haired doll and looked at her face for a moment before repeatedly "kissing" her face.  Then she hugged the doll to her chest and sat looking up at me.  

It was a done deal.  The doll was clearly coming home with us (besides, can you really put a doll back once its covered in baby slobber?).  
We were sharing a cart with Nani and Sadie was sitting in her floppy, cuddling her new doll as we headed towards the front of the store.  By the time we got to the register the doll, and the price tag on the doll, were both covered in baby slobber.  I managed to wrangle the doll out of Sadie's hands, while she tried to hang on to her doll and after a mini struggle I was finally able to hold it out so that the cashier could scan the soggy tag.  After she scanned it I pulled the tag off and handed the doll to Sadie.  What happened next surprised me.  

Sadie looked at her new doll, the doll that she had clung to only moments before and flung it onto the conveyor belt.  Nani picked the doll back up, figuring that Sadie had accidently thrown it, and handed it back to her.  She looked at the doll and looked at the conveyor belt and then threw the doll back on to the conveyor belt a second time.  I've long suspected that when Sadie throws things it doesn't seem to be "accidental."  For over a month she's been doing a look-at-mommy-look-at-the-toy-throw-the-toy-look-at-mommy-to-pick-it-up thing.  

Throwing her new doll on the conveyor belt was entirely intentional.  

I think I've been conned.  Sadie wanted the doll until I paid for it and then she lost all interest.  I hope this isn't a preview of things to come!*  

*Grumpa and Nani indicated that that is exactly how I was when I was little and that apparently I've had this coming for my entire life!

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