Thursday, February 12, 2009

Learning to Wave and Truly Disgusting Baby Food...

We are currently between two storms with more storms lined up in the Pacific Ocean waiting to hit.  Two days ago we got about four inches of snow, today all of the snow melted and tonight the next storm is supposed to hit and we are in the pink section on the weather map and the map key says that that means that we are supposed to get two feet of snow.  I don't think it will be that much, but it looks like we will get a few more inches.  

Sadie is learning how to wave.  Her waving has a lot in common with her talking.  Most of the time when she sees people, or is saying goodbye to someone, she babbles and smiles and does baby things.  But once in a while now she'll say "Hi" in this little squeaky voice and wave her little hand.  Of course if I try to get her to say hi she'll just look at me like I'm totally crazy to even suggest that she can talk.  

However, when we were about to leave Marino's (a restaurant in town) the other day she started doing her wave and looked at and waved to each and every person in the restaurant.  She definitely isn't shy!

She's also on a napping strike.  She is adamant that she is too old for naps and that she will only take naps when we're walking (and she is being pushed in the stroller).  Unfortunately pushing the stroller is kind of difficult in four inches of snow.  It is a testament to the superior engineering of the BOB Stroller that we were able to walk three miles today, through the snow (I pushed the stroller for two miles and held the baby for one).  Despite only napping for about half an hour today, she is currently insisting that she is not tired and doesn't feel like going to sleep (it's 7:45 pm).  

Something kind of weird happened yesterday (and then again today).  We've been doing the one-new-food-every-five-days thing with Sadie to make sure that she isn't allergic to anything.  We've done most of the fruits and vegetables and rice and oats and now we're on to meats.  She's already tried chicken and turkey and this week she's been eating beef.  Yesterday I opened the beef (it's Gerber's First Foods) and scooped it into her little bowl with some squash.  After it was in the bowl I noticed that it was two different colors, light pink and dark brown.  It definitely didn't look "right."  I threw it out and opened another one today (I bought them together, so I imagine that they were shipped together and possibly manufactured together) and the same thing happened.  Only this time I looked at it before it was in the bowl.  The top half was dark brown and then the middle and bottom part was pink.  I tasted it and it was disgusting, but I'm not totally sure it wasn't just typical-baby-pureed-meat-disgusting.  I think I'll try a different brand, because with all the peanut stuff that's going on I don't want to chance it!

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