Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hide and Go Seek

Sadie's games of peekaboo have begun to evolve.  In the beginning she didn't quite understand that when she pulled up the blanket so that she couldn't see us, we also couldn't see her.  A few days ago when we were upstairs she realized that not being able to see someone can go both ways.  We had gone upstairs and we heard Nani outside the door.  I pulled the comforter up over our heads, with my knees up so that there was lots of room to see, and whispered "oh no Sadie, Nani's coming.  Hide.  She's gonna find us.  Shhhhhh..."  Sadie started laughing hysterically.  The more I pretended to shush her, the harder she laughed.  She thought it was even funnier when Nani walked in to the room and started to say "I thought Sadie and Mommy were in here.  Where are they?"  This game was almost as good as peekaboo.  

Today when Sadie was playing on the floor she sidled over to my side.  I picked up one of her favorite blankets and draped it over my side and her body so that it made a little tent.  Laughing hysterically she clutched the blanket over her head and then started pressing her face into the quilt on the ground so that her eyes were hidden.  She even let go of the blanket so that she could hide her eyes.

Nani thinks that she's going to take after me and start deconstructing the living room as soon as she can walk to create forts (just like I did when I was little). She's already starting to try to climb the coffee table and the hearth.

Because Daddy and Grumpa have been working on chain control because of the storms, I had to add a picture of Sadie and Daddy when he was about to go to work. It has nothing to do with this blog, but Sadie loves the bright yellow outfits.

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