Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sadie's Favorite Things

Making lists has always been a habit of mine.  In fact I think it would be fair to say that it's a bit of an obsession.  When we go into stores that carry notebooks, Paul has learned to steer me away from the aisles that actually stock notebooks and pens, and he usually succeeds, unless they've put up an end stand with school supplies ("look Honey, ten notebooks for a dollar!  That's ten cents for each notebook!").  Right now I'm looking at a pile of Sadie's toys in the middle of the living room (she's big enough now that she can roll over to the basket that her toys are in an pull them out herself) and I've started making a list of Sadie's favorite toys.  She's definitely latched on to a few favorites.  Here they are, in no particular order, because Sadie's favorite toy depends on her mood:

1. Kitty:  Kitty is already looking a little bit worse for wear.  Kitty made her first appearance in an earlier blog, when I took Sadie shopping the weekend before Christmas (Daddy dropped us off at the mall while he got the oil changed on the car and then it took a little bit longer then we expected because it ended up needing new tires).  After an hour and a half in the very crowded mall Sadie was starting to have a melt down and I picked up a fluffy, oversized, stuffed calico cat and started dancing it back and forth in front of Sadie.  It was love at first sight.  
Sadie and Kitty are now inseparable.  Every morning after we come downstairs, before breakfast, Sadie and Kitty wrestle in the middle of the living room floor.  Kitty usually wins (she is bigger then Sadie), but not before Sadie's given her a good thrashing.  Kitty is definitely at the top of the list.

2.  Mrs. Bunny:  Mrs. Bunny was Sadie's first friend.  She's the go to toy when Sadie's sleepy and wants a cuddle when we're in the car on a long drive.

3.  Fischer Price Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle:  Sadie REALLY didn't want to practice sitting up before she got this toy.  In fact, I wasn't even sure she could sit up without support because whenever I tried to put her in a sitting position she would flip onto her stomach and try to attack my foot.  Then we put her in front of the Musical Jungle Gym and she saw the giant orange monkey sitting on top of it.  She grabbed him and the Jungle lights came on and the music started and she was entranced.  She spends ten to fifteen minutes at a time playing with the Jungle (sitting up all by herself) and trying to pull herself up on it and that for Sadie, is hours and hours in grown-up time.  

4.  The Exersaucer: Sadie's mind constantly writes checks that her body can't cash (to use a Grumpa-ism).  She sees other people doing things and she really wants to be able to do them herself.  She already gets frustrated because she doesn't want help.  She wants to do things on her own.  The Exersaucer gives her a little bit of independence and makes her feel like a big girl!

5.  Squeaky Tiger and Pooh:  Sadie has a little squeaky Tiger and a little squeaky Pooh.  The Pooh Bear has a Honey Bee between his paws that crinkles, while Tiger has a Dragon Fly between paws.  They're perfect for traveling because whenever Sadie sees (or hears) either or them she starts to smile.  

6.  Fischer Price Shapes and Bucket: Every once in a while Paul brings home a toy from Long's since he gets a super discount at work.  They're usually simply toys (today it was the Shape Blocks and Bucket with the little shape cutouts to fit the shapes through, a few weeks ago it was the large snap beads that snap together to make a chain) but Sadie loves them.  They're the kind of toys that leave room for a lot of imagination and it's entertaining to see Sadie play with them.  Earlier today she took the lid off of the bucket and stared at the shapes for a solid three minutes, thoroughly entertained the entire time.  

7.  Fischer Price Little People:  I definitely have a weakness for Fischer Price Toys (rereading this list I realized that this reads like a Fischer Price Advertisement) and I think my fondness for the toys is because of my love of their "Little People" line of toys.  Sadie likes the animals the best and thinks they make great teething toys, although there's still no sign of teeth!

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