Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Big Red Barn

This morning as I watched Sadie playing, I realized that I left a very important toy of yesterday's list: her little red barn.  The little red barn is where all the Little People Animals live.  Since she opened her barn on Christmas morning, she has been trying to find a way to squeeze in through the front door.  I don't have the heart to tell her that it just isn't going to happen.

She started out across the room from her farm this morning, but she squirmed her way over to it (after wrestling down Kitty and her monkey George) and started to pull on the roof, in an attempt to get inside with the chicken and pig that were playing in the barn loft.  The barn tipped over and came to rest (very slowly, because her hands were holding on to it) on Sadie's head. I expected panic.  Nani and I were on different sides of the room and we both started to move towards the baby.  Instead of bursting into tears, or even starting to fuss, she was gleeful.  It was the closest that she had ever been to actually being inside of the barn.  She lay perfectly still and looked up at all the animals (who were now resting on her head).  Nani got to her first and lifted the barn up and turned it around so she can see in through the back, which is a little bit more open, although she still can't actually live in in (which is what she seems to want).  

Today's picture is a shot of Sadie's bathing suit for the summer.  It has been unseasonably warm here (although we are hoping for rain, otherwise it's going to be a very dry winter) and the other day we put Sadie in her bathing suit to see if it would fit.  It's a 2T and it is a tiny bit big, but for the most part, it fits.  Hopefully it will still fit this summer.  Is it possible that she will really be a 3T by her first birthday?

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