Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sadie Loves Bull Riding!

The last two nights found our family watching Professional Bull Riding on TV.  Now Sadie isn't supposed to watch TV, but when we came in after dinner she was captivated by the bulls and the bull riders.  She would look bored in between riders, but as soon as a bull came out of the shoot she would laugh hysterically.  I then picked up her Elmo doll and he pretended to ride the Puppy Dog doll around the room and that was even more hilarious.  

Tonight Aunt Jennie called and needed to know Sadie's "girth."  We had no idea so we got the tape measure out (during a hearty dinner of ham, apples and sweet potatoes) and measured her waist.  Sadie's height is 30 inches.  

After checking to make sure that we weren't looking at the centimeters side we discovered that Sadie's girth is 22 inches!  I don't think that she's really unusually chubby, just baby shaped.  I was surprised by how close her length around was to her actual length.  

She's definitely a healthy, growing girl!  

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