Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Sense of Humor

I never really thought about babies having their own distinct personalities before I became a mom.  Not only does Sadie have her own little personality, she already has her own sense of humor.  I'm not really sure I understand it completely because the things that are hilarious change on an hourly basis.  Here are some of the things that Sadie thinks are funny.

1. About fifteen minutes ago Sadie decided that touching my cheek was the funnies thing in the entire world.  She was having a hard time getting to sleep and I leaned over to comfort her.  When I leaned over the back of her hand brushed my cheek and she was suddenly wide awake and laughing hysterically.  Then every time she touched my cheek she would laugh louder and louder.  

2. The first thing that Sadie ever really found hilarious (at least that was obvious to the rest of us) was when she heard someone cough.  It started when Paul coughed and I (rather dramatically) asked him if he was okay.  For some reason Sadie found this particularly hilarious and laughed hysterically for about five minutes.  After the five minutes passed however, the funniness of coughing wore off.  Now if someone coughs she looks at them like they're telling a joke that she's heard a million times.  

3. Any significant pauses or moments of silence during church: It's likes she senses that she has a captive audience and gets ready to perform in her cheeriest, cutest voice.  I'm not sure what she finds funny during these silences, other than Mommy and Daddy's frantic attempts to hush her.

4. Peekaboo.  Peekaboo is still high on the list of things that are hilarious.  She doesn't even need a blanket.  Imaginary peekaboo is almost as funny as the real thing (imaginary peekaboo is when Sadie pretends that she has a blanket when she really doesn't).  Almost

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