Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Great Deal...

I found out about this great deal today and any mom that's considering breast feeding should go for it! It is an almost completely free nursing cover from Udder Covers. All you have to do is pay the shipping and handling (which is $8.95) and you get a $32 nursing cover for free. Go to the site for Udder Covers, and pick the cover that you want and then put the code "Champion" in the coupon code area. The price of the cover will be deducted and you only have to pay the $8.95 shipping and handling. Since nursing covers in stores usually run around $50 it's a great deal. I picked the "Elsa" style, but there are six different materials to decide between.

Sadie had a tough day today. Her head seemed to act as a magnet, attracting any hard surface and she kept banging into things. She fell off of a chair (a little kid chair that she sits in all the time) and hit the wall. While walking across the room she also bumped into pretty much every single toy and piece of furniture as she zig zagged her way from place to place. We're hoping that she doesn't have another ear infection, but she's been tugging at her right ear all day long. The doctor says that they should go away on their own, but so far we haven't seen that happen. Maybe she'll feel better in the morning...

She also seems to be getting her eighth tooth. It's looked like it's been about to come in for a while, but I think this might actually be it. I can see the little tooth line under her gums. Hopefully when it finally breaks through she'll feel better.

With her little MP3 player she has really started to enjoy our morning walks. It's finally feeling like autumn here and the last few mornings Paul and I have bundled her up and let her hold her music in her stroller while we walk. While she used to fuss, now that she has the music she sits quietly and points to the trees.

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