Friday, June 11, 2010

35 Weeks!

Maggie is so big! And I can't believe I'm a month (to the day) from my due date! I am starting to feel like we're getting a things done around here. I also think we might actually finish our giant "To Do" list if Maggie makes it all the way to the week of the Fourth!

In other news I've realized how incredibly spoiled I've been in some ways, by living so far from a town... I got a little sheltered living out in the middle of nowhere. I love our new apartment and the fact that we have 1.5 bathrooms! I'm really glad we're here...

That said...

So far we've had neighbors starting dirt bikes at 2 am outside Sadie's room, parties with music blasting loud enough to feel the bass in our apartment for the last two nights and someone deciding to mow something late last night (it almost sounded like a chain saw) followed by a screaming fight between two people a little ways outside our door (and just around the corner out of sight). This didn't look like a wild place from the outside, but I have a feeling sirens are going to be a regular sound around here (the windows have hardly been open because it's getting hotter and hotter and I've heard them twice in two days!).

The most upsetting thing though, is that a little baby (I think around three months old) lives at the worst party apartment... when my mom came over for the first time the baby was sitting in an exersaucer (I'm surprised he can actually hold up his little head in that thing) out on the blacktop, in the driveway where cars fly by all day and she thought that he was alone. Then she realized that there was a guy sitting back behind some bushes in front of the apartment, smoking pot... I've been worrying and praying for the little guy a lot... Yet another wonderful thing about medicinal marijuana in California.... I'm sure the man watching (or not watching) the little one is just taking his "prescription."

Now I need to try to sleep before someone decides they need to do something like fix a dirt bike outside our window during the middle of the night and it wakes Sadie up!


  1. We have the same sort of thing where I live. Although it's not that frequent, and usually it's the sound of a motorcycle or a race car. During the day we have a neighbor who plays music that I can hear inside my house quite clearly with everything closed up and a building between us. There's nothing that I can do about that because there's no sound ordinance for the day time. But at night if it's too loud, we can call the police. Perhaps you have a sound ordinance for the night time. Otherwise you can be like my husband, he wears ear plugs and we use a fan for white noise.

  2. I can sympathize with you. I live in a very quiet place right now but spent most of my life in apartments, doubles, or rentals in busy cities. I even spent a few years in a downtown high rise a couple blocks from the city's NFL football stadium. I was not sheltered by any stretch but I liked it no better for that. I do, however, have a profound gratitude for the home that I live in now that would not be as deep had I not had a different experience. Don't hesitate to call the cops but use your cell...otherwise, they are permitted to reveal the origination of the complaint (at least in my area--which makes for uncomfortable neighbor relations to say the least!)
    Our last home was in a relatively quiet suburb but happened to be next door to a family that made more noise than the entire block combined and often attracted significant police attention for a variety of terrible reasons. We never would have guessed it. Neighbor difficulties are everywhere.

    btw...Who's the movies star in the photo? :)

  3. Oh no, that's horrible! It sounds a lot like my apartment I lived in before I moved back home. The lady downstairs from me had two children and she would leave them home alone and go out with her "guy friends". Although their dad was in prison. The oldest was maybe 6, not old enough to be home alone that's for sure! And she and her friends would smoke pot. Yuck, I hate that stuff. They'd also have parties with bass at 3 in the morning. I called the cops on them many times.

    This is one reason Steve and I are living with his mom until we can afford a down payment. We both hate apartment living.

    I will say some prayers for that little one, it's going to be rough growing up in a household like that.


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