Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Doctor's Visit #11- Week 37- Part 2

An excerpt from the conversation at today's doctor's appointment.

Dr. R (while feeling for the baby after measuring): "You're really all baby."

Me: (somewhat skeptical of the aforementioned comment) "I set a new record weighing in today... I've gained 43 lbs, which is one more than I gained when I delivered Sadie."

Dr. R: (cheerfully) "And you still have a couple more weeks to go!"

I think that Paul was also pretty certain (or just hopeful) that by describing all the fun contractions I've been having he could convince the doctor to send us on over to the hospital today and bring Maggie home by the weekend. I, however, know her well enough to have been able to predict her response before she even said it: "that all sounds pretty normal."

I did fix him with a rather menacing glare when he began to bring up the frequent and painful contractions that go on pretty much anytime I'm on my feet. The glare was meant to say: "if you get me put on bed rest for the next two weeks you will pay for it!" Unfortunately he seemed completely oblivious to my glare and it's meaning... Thankfully there have been no restrictions placed on being up and about! I'm afraid I'd go crazy making "to do" lists for Paul if I was stuck in bed all the time!

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