Sunday, June 20, 2010

Checking of My "To Do" List

We are slowly making our way towards being unpacked. I even took an entire day off earlier this week, and didn't unpack a single box (although there was laundry, cooking, cleaning and work on a rosary that needed to be finished that kept me pretty busy!).

Today Paul and I spent about an hour cleaning out the car, something that has probably needed to be done for the past twelve months, but that has been on the back burner behind school and work for Paul and day to day life for Sadie for me. After sorting through junk, vacuuming, scrubbing and washing we were ready to complete one of our goals for the day: moving the baby car seat back into the car. With Sadie's giant Eddie Bauer car seat on one side and the rear facing baby car seat on the other side the back seat is quite crowded. I don't think our car is one of the cars out there that could fit three seats across. It was also kind of exciting to see both of the seats back there! And it was one more "to do" checked off the list!

The other "to do" that we finished today was putting together Maggie's bassinet. It's now next to the bed upstairs, ready for Maggie's arrival. The same thought keeps running through my head when I look at either the car seat or the bassinet: "they are just so tiny!" It seems like such a long time ago that Sadie was small enough to fit into either of them!

Now I'm just hoping that we have a couch before the month is over... My parents very generously took us to The City last week where we found a great deal on a beautiful couch. There was a "liquidation" sale and we picked out a beautiful leather couch for under $400...

Unfortunately if something seems to be too good to be true it probably is (even if it's a major national chain with stores across the country)...

Yesterday my mom called while Sadie and I were walking and said that on the front page of one of the local newspapers there was a story about the furniture store we ordered the couch from (they said that there was nothing on the floor that was for sale when we asked... which seemed strange for a "liquidation sale"). They had said that the couch would arrive in 1-2 weeks...

Now they're apparently being investigated because the Better Business Bureau has received dozens of complaints from people who haven't received their furniture (or refunds) in recent months who were given similar promises (there were over 60 comments in the comments section online of people with similar stories). The store has released a statement saying that people who've ordered in the past might start to receive their merchandise or refunds for their merchandise in August... So we're just hoping that the couch actually exists... And that it gets here soon... but for now Sadie is happy with her bean bag chair!

Oh well... at least the replacement stove is up and running perfectly! It's made life much easier!

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  1. Hi Cammie, Good morning & happy Father's Day to Paul. I'm hoping you did not plunk down the $$$ for the couch already. Glad to hear you have a new stove. I'm wondering what these experiences will seem like to you when you get to Rome and have to deal with language & culture too. :)
    Take care & God bless! -Cliff


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