Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doctor's Visit #11- Week 37- Part 1

I'm just about to start rushing around the house getting everything ready to go in for Doctor's appointment #11! And since we took a lot of pictures yesterday I should have some birthday and pregnancy pictures posted by tonight!

Nothing would really surprise me at this point in terms of baby Maggie's arrival. Paul and I go on a two and a half mile walk with Sadie most mornings (which was extra special yesterday because we stopped at the local bakery and got Sadie a pink sprinkled doughnut for her birthday) and during yesterdays walk I had to stop three times in less than one short, small town block (which is only the length of one small museum/temple) for serious contractions. I was averaging walking from fence post to fence post before I had to stop!

My favorite part about being this close though is that Maggie is now so low that I can actually eat again without getting sick! That was especially helpful yesterday because I really didn't want Sadie's beautiful John Deere tractor cake to go to waste.

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