Friday, June 18, 2010

36 1/2 Weeks!

Tonight I had a bit of a false alarm!

I'm used to contractions during the last month of being pregnant. The ones with Sadie were pretty much every single day for the last month of pregnancy (it felt like all day, every day...) so it's not like I really expect to be delivering a baby in the next couple of weeks (I think we might make it all the way to the end!). Last time around I spent the whole month panicked, certain that each day was the day that we'd head to the hospital.

But tonight after Nani dropped me off (we spent the afternoon visiting) the contractions took a turn for the worst. They were only a couple of minutes apart for about an hour and they hurt! They've finally eased up, but for a while I was starting to wonder if Maggie is going to end up being a June baby! Could she and Sadie be less than 2 years apart? It's going to be close!

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