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Abortionist Hodari Admits to Forced Abortion

Here is yet another sickening story of abortion. As upsetting as this story is, it came to mind while I was reading it that every abortion story is truly this evil. Wanting, or not wanting, a child, does not negate the fact that that child exists and is alive. Every abortion is a tragedy, in which an innocent life is torn apart before the child even takes his or her first breath.
Michigan Abortionist Admits to Forcing Client into Abortion
By Peter J. Smith

FLINT, Michigan, May 25, 2010 ( - Michigan abortionist Abraham Alberto Hodari has admitted to having an assistant forcibly restrain a woman who changed her mind about having an abortion, claiming he had already begun the procedure and wanted to guarantee a "safe abortion."

Local station NBC 25, which has determinedly pursued this story of forced abortion at Hodari's Flint's Feminine Health Care Clinic, reports that 20-year-old Caitlin Bruce wanted to keep her child after seeing its ultrasound image.

Bruce said that Hodari was in the midst of inserting a speculum, a medical tool used for the dilation and examination of the vagina and cervix, when she pleaded with him to stop the abortion.

"I just told him stop please," she told the news station. "I'm really nervous and I don't want to do this anymore."

Hodari insisted to NBC 25 that it was "too late" for him to stop. The abortionist, who was vacationing in Italy at the time of the interview, told the station that "there was blood and tissue on [his instruments] from pregnancy." He thought Bruce would have suffered complications, such as infection or severe bleeding, if he had listened to her.

However, the trustworthiness of the Michigan abortionist has been called into question by comments he made at Wayne University in 2007, where he told medical students that doctors have a license to "lie" to their patients.

Flint obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Mona Hardas, M.D., found Hodari's medical ethics abhorrent. She told NBC 25 that Hodari had an obligation to stop the abortion, and could have had Bruce transported to the emergency room for a second opinion as to whether the fetus could be saved.

"I am shocked," Hardas said. "I can't believe this is still happening in this day and age."

Hodari faces civil charges over the alleged forced abortion. Although Bruce filed a police report, the Genesee County prosecutor has yet to press criminal charges against the abortionist.

Bruce's story aligns with testimonies from other women who have described similar horror stories of coerced abortions at Hodari's hands. A report by Operation Rescue shows Hodari has a record of 49 documented lawsuits over a span of decades.

The history of Hodari's abortion practice also does not fit in with the story he told NBC 25 that he provides women "safe abortions." The abortionist has been implicated in the deaths of at least four women from abortion-related complications. In June 2009, the Disciplinary Subcommittee of Michigan's Board of Medicine fined Hodari $10,000 for negligence in connection with the botched abortion death of Regina Johnson.

Numerous complaints have been filed against the abortionist for improper disposal of human remains and abortion records found in Hodari's dumpster. Hodari received a sentence of six months' probation on one such count in February.

In November, Hodari put his abortion clinics on the market along with his collection of expensive classic cars and hastily filed for divorce from his wife of 29 years. Local activists told Operation Rescue that it appeared that he was attempting to liquidate his assets so he could flee the country, possibly to his former home in Argentina.

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  1. This just saddens me, and worries me as well. While I am upset that this happens anywhere, I have lived in Michigan my whole life so it hits very close to home for me. Doctors in Michigan (at least the ones I have met) often do in fact lie to their patients and it is a common practice. Once you are in the doctor's office or hospital, you are actually told you cannot leave without permission, even if you haven't signed a single paper.

    I know this is somewhat off topic, but it shows how much power they seem to feel they have over your body and the decisions you should be able to make for yourself. I had a miscarriage in September at 17 weeks and a doctor actually told me I had no right to see my child and they were allowed to keep it and do whatever they wanted to it. I eventually won that fight, but it took months and by the time I received my child for burial, they only had "samples" left. They had "incinerated the waste" according to the so-called patient advocate. In addition, they told me that I needed to go home from the hospital because I was "a-okay" and was just having a little bleeding, after being in the hospital for three days in labor. When I got home, I started labor again and when I called the hospital for directions, they told me that I wasn't in fact in labor and it wasn't bad enough for them to see me. I actually ended up passing the placenta, which they conveniently forgot to make sure was out, and I lost over 2000 CCs of blood- enough to have a transfusion, although they determined that I'm young enough to avoid one because their stores were running low.

    I am pregnant again (praise God!) but the only doctors available to me are from the same office, with the same hospital. I live in the Upper Peninsula, so I don't actually have any other option and I'm just praying that I will be able to stand up for myself and my child. I have already been told there is no reason to seek prenatal care, my child will die anyway and they don't want to waste resources on me. Its a struggle, every day. I wish that I actually knew a doctor in Michigan that did not have Hodari's attitude and supported the patients under their care- including the not yet born ones.


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