Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sadie Turns 2: The Tractor Birthday Party

I can't believe two years have passed since we welcomed Sadie into the world! Here are the photos of yesterdays party! It was at Nani's house and Nani gets the credit for decorating in Sadie's favorite color: John Deere Green.

A Tractor Party just wouldn't be complete without a tractor cake. And as soon as Sadie saw this one she was ready to dig in!

In this picture Sadie has just walked into the house for the first time of the day and has noticed that something is different! She can hardly believe her eyes!

And then she spots it: the red trike from Nani and Grumpa! Sadie's been pointing out trikes to Nani for about six months every time she sees on in a magazine or catalog. And this one has a bell!

By this point Sadie was a little tired of getting her picture taken and would almost burst into tears at the sight of a camera. That is until she realized that there would be presents to be opened... and then her disdain of cameras quickly disappeared because she was too distracted to be upset!

Birthdays can be overwhelming! Even when tractors are involved!

Nini and Gigi's Tractor ATV! Soon Sadie will be trying to ride her trike and ATV at the same time... while wearing high heels!

"Look what I found!"

Mommy and Daddy's Present!

A Box with Cars! And lots of space for more cars!

Accessories fit for a princess! And this little princess spent the better part of her before-bedtime-playtime dancing around in her new princess high heels!

I think she's already better at walking in heels than I am! Maybe she will be less clumsy than her mom and dad are!

And she loves pearls! Especially play pearls! Just like Mommy!

Princess dresses! Princess dresses were another part of our pre-bedtime routine tonight! Princess Sadie loves to get dressed up and twirl!

Finally, exhausted from all the present opening, Sadie finds a comfortable place to relax!

What a day!


  1. How adorable! Sadie is certainly growing up fast!

  2. Congratulations on your baby's birthday! She's adorable in her tractor and heels! =)

    I love reading your blog - keep up the good work!

  3. She is usual;)...Love and miss you all!!!


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