Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Almost Free Dinner Out?

Wow... so I've been a little coupon crazy lately...

And this deal isn't helping make me less coupon crazy.

Basically the deal is this. has a special coupon code. When you buy a gift certificate at, now through the 30th, you pay 2% of the price of the certificate. All you have to do is type in "summer" in the coupon code spot before you pay.

There are some rules. For most of the $25 certificates you have to purchase $35 at the restaurant... With the current deal, a $25 certificate costs $2 and to use the certificate you'd have to spend another $10. That's a $35 meal out for $12.

My parents are watching Sadie while I'm in the hospital for the c-section, so we just used the coupon to get them a certificate to a restaurant in the city we'll all be staying in (because the drive to the hospital is a three hour round trip). So if you eat out at all, you might want to see what's available in your area! It could save you at least $25 (or if you know someone who eats out a lot it could make a great gift)!


  1. "My parents are watching Sadie while I'm in the hospital for the c-section..."

    Should that read "will be watching", or are you having a June baby? Just a little clarification requested for us OCD grammarians. :)

  2. LOL! This is what happens when I type late (for me) at night! My proofreading goes out the window!


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