Monday, June 28, 2010

Doctor's Visit #11- Week 38- Part 1

Today is the last doctor's appointment before my pre-op next Tuesday! Where did the last 38 weeks go?!?!?!

I have a prediction for how the appointment will go...

I'll go in and they'll weigh me and learn that I've already gained a whooping 45 lbs (even more than I gained with Sadie). I will be wearing my "light" clothes today (also because of the 100+ heat that has begun and probably won't fade until sometime in September. Then they'll take my blood pressure, which seems to be frozen at 102 over 60 (I won't complain about that! Especially since it was 135 over something which is high for me, at the beginning of this pregnancy). After that we'll go over the contractions I've been having, how they're lasting about a minute now, and are all day... how there's been spotting, which makes me think I'm about to pop and how yes, my feet and hands are still swollen (are there pregnant women out there whose feet aren't swollen at the end of a long day?!?!). Then we'll go through the process of finding the heartbeat, which takes around ten minutes as Maggie evades and scoots back and forth in an attempt not to be prodded with the monitor (that's become something that happens at every single appointment lately).

Then the doctor will come in, measure my stomach, say that everything is "perfect" and ask if we have any questions. Paul will prompt me to describe all the contractions I've been having that I've already told the nurse about... Dr. R will say "that sounds absolutely normal" and we'll be on our way. We will be in the room with the doctor for two minutes tops.

Now my attention turns to freezer cooking... a subject I've become obsessed with in the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the way the schedule is working out, it looks like I will be doing our monthly food shopping on the 5th (if I make it that long), which means a two hour round trip drive and preparing everything I can in one day, since we're leaving to go to stay in The City overnight on the 6th (since I have so many appointments that day and it's such a long drive back and forth) before the c-section on the 7th. I have some planning and list making to do!

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