Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Hunting- Part 7: The Move... Part 1

I am exhausted!

We got to the apartment this morning and it had not been cleaned. Paul took the camera and took pictures of everything and I wrote down three pages of problems... we are determined to get our cleaning deposit back when we move out!

My list included: gum smeared across the cabinets, wax dripped throughout the kitchen, bright red lipstick kisses on the walls, a door frame that was practically falling off the wall with nails sticking out at toddler level, and gaps between the slats on the staircase railing that are big enough to fit my head through (which I'm pretty sure is not legal). And that's just the beginning. I filled out every single line and had extra writing in the side columns and "miscellaneous" section at the end. It's amazing how much we overlooked simply because of the promise that everything would be fixed by the time we moved in... Unfortunately in the last two weeks nothing has been done.

So the day started out with cleaning. Paul and I got to the apartment bright and early (we left around 7), leaving Sadie to have a special morning with Nani. After documenting all the problems in the apartment we got to work. Paul had to work at nine, so after that I was on my own. I was very grateful for the bright pink, elbow length plastic gloves that I picked up at Walmart earlier this week. Cleaning the kitchen took the most time, with a great deal of scraping and disinfecting and scrubbing the light grey and dark grey checkered floor on my hands and knees until it no longer looked brown.

After that it was on to the bathroom... keep in mind that this apartment was previously occupied by a bachelor... and then I scrubbed the actual walls in the entire downstairs area because there were black marks and dirt all over them.

On the upside, next months rent will be prorated several days since they forgot to clean the place.

I didn't actually start moving anything before Paul got off work at 1:30. The entire time before hand was spent cleaning with one two minutes snack break and one small lunch break when Sadie and Nani and Grumpa came to visit.

After around four hours of furniture moving (a large portion of which was taken up for Paul by putting the bed together, after barely squeezing the king sized mattress upstairs) we went back to Nani and Grumpa's for burgers and lots of Sadie cuddles... and that was when I got into a bit of trouble. Sadie has a tin full of crayons and she had moved the crayons out of the tin and into a cardboard box. Since she wasn't playing with them anymore I put them back in the tin. She heard them rattling around, rushed over, looked at me, tried to grab them and then said "Hey! Bad Mama!" She still doesn't talk very much, but when she does she's pretty clear!

More moving tomorrow. I think we might be nearing the halfway point, but there is still so much to be done. At least the place is pretty clean now! Tomorrow should go more quickly!

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