Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Multiplying Corn Flower Blue Acrylic Yarn

My yarn must be multiplying on its own. That's the only explanation I can come up with. Once, a long time ago, it could have fit in a few storage bins... Now it seems determined to take over the apartment.

Unfortunately, the reproduction doesn't seem to be proportional across all fibers. The natural fibers dwindle in number on a daily basis. The Di'Ve Zenith merino, the one wool that I would love to have pouring from my yarn chest (where most of the yarn lives as it waits to become part of a project), has been discontinued and I never find balls of it that I don't remember buying. The Walmart cotton is almost holding steady, but again, I am never delighted by finding extra balls of cotton popping out of baskets or tupper ware bins.

Acrylic yarn, particularly in cornflower blue, however, is threatening to take over our living space. I thought I'd stuffed all of it into the yarn chest, but I've since found entire bags of it scattered throughout the apartment (on a positive note this is yarn that was passed on to me... I just had no idea that there was so much of it!). It's taken over a large picnic basket we got when we got married (and is dominating the rest of the stash in the chest) and I'm sure there are several skeins of it lurking under the bed or in drawers, waiting to pop out and surprise me when I least expect it.

For the time being though, I'm focused on a large spool of white cotton. We visited Nani this afternoon and it's taken up most of my free time (while Sadie and Nani played outside in Sadie's little pool and we learned that Sadie has a new strategy for trying to get out of trouble... she does something she knows she isn't supposed to do and then points to the "ouchie" on her toe as if that somehow explains why she just ran across the porch and dumped a large cup of sand into her freshly cleaned pool). I have a project in the works and it absolutely has to be done in the next thirty four days!

The next question is: does sleep deprivation, morphine (immediately after the c-section) and vicodine (in the days after the c-section) mix with cable knitting? I have a feeling this could be disastrous. So I'm stepping my knitting into high gear!

It sure would be nice to find a surprise skein of white cotton yarn hiding in a basket somewhere... but I just don't think it's going to happen!

Up next... how to address the multiplication of single knitting needles that has accompanied the yarn? Why are the pairs always separated? How can I have so many pair-less needles in single sizes? And where do all of my tape measures disappear to?

I'm really hoping my newly organized "craft" area helps out with these problems!


  1. Pray to St Anthony and maybe some merino/cotton wool will turn up! That is so funny that the acrylic (I hate acrylic!) keeps multiplying like a noxious weed :0)

    My big question is: how ON EARTH do you manage to keep Sadie away from your 'craft corner'? Do you have it gated off or is she such a good little girl that she doesn't touch things she's not meant to?!

  2. hi helen-

    So far Sadie has mostly ignored it. I do have all the yarn locked up in a chest (or baskets) that's too heavy for her to get into and then all the rosary making supplies are either in boxes she can't reach or in a fish tackle box that has little locks on it. She must have decided everything else up there is boring though, because she's only made a few mad dashes across the room to try and steal rosaries that I've made.

    We did end up getting a giant gate to go across the kitchen though, because her fascination with everything in it knows no bounds!


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