Saturday, June 5, 2010

What?!?! Where did the Time Go?!?!

How did this happen? I glanced over at the right hand side of my blog a couple of days ago and couldn't believe it... There are less than forty days left until my due date?!?!?! At this moment the little ticker says 36 remain to be exact...

Paul suggested two days ago that I start thinking about packing for the hospital and that is in fact on my list of things to do. However, at this point I'm stubbornly refusing to pack until the apartment is unpacked (I think it will actually be done in the next week) because Maggie simply cannot arrive yet! We're not ready for her! The bassinet she's going to sleep in is still missing (I believe it is in a black plastic garbage bag under Nani and Grumpa's house at this moment).

I am making slow progress on getting the baby clothes put away. Sadie has been a big helper, picking up each tiny outfit and handing it to me and then listening while I tell her how she used to be tiny enough to fit into each one and how cute she was in it. When she finds a fluffy dress she gasps and says "ohhhhhhhhhh!" I love that she loves fluffy dresses and tractors!

Paul has started hanging pictures in the apartment and that's making it look a lot more like home! Once we're moved in I'll post some pictures!

I've also been thinking quite a bit about how different having a baby will be this time... but I think that deserves it's very own post!

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  1. Time really does fly sometimes. Hoping that baby doesn't arrive "too" soon. :)


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