Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cam's Coupon Craze

I've become a little obsessed lately...

... And what exactly is it that I've become obsessed with, you may be wondering?


It started when someone on a forum mentioned this site: So I headed on over and started looking around.

And then I had to wait until Sunday to get the Sunday newspaper with the ads in it. It was a long couple of days... the next strain on my patience was realizing that the site listed coupons that hadn't expired yet, so even with the paper I wouldn't have all the coupons suggested until the ones that had been printed during my pre-coupon-ing days expired. We are getting to that point now though, which means I have the coupons for most of the sales (Yay!).

Here's an example of how one of the CVS sales works:

There's a rebate offer on a the Schick Hydro Razor for up to $10.99. You just need to mail in the rebate form with the UPC from the package and the receipt within 30 days.

At CVS the razor is on sale for $8.97 and comes with $4 ECB (the little barcode receipt things that they give you that you can spend on anything when you may your next purchase (you definitely don't want to misplace these!). When you pay use the 5/1 razor coupon that was in the June 13th Super Savor coupon book (which is in a lot of Sunday newspapers!). The final cost is free (if you count the ECB you get to spend next time!) plus you get back $8.97 for the rebate (I have yet to try this one, but we're going today to see how it works!).

Another neat one is for Gillette Body Wash. You buy 2 Gillette Body Wash or Old Spice Body Wash for $4 each. This comes to $8. There was a buy one get one free in the June 6th PG coupon book so you pay $4. You get back $8 ECB with the current sale, which means you actually make $4.

Hip2Save has a ton of scenarios like this for lots of different stores. And you can keep your eyes open for free samples too (I've ordered free diaper samples from a couple companies now!).

Poor Paul had to listen to me gasp repeatedly as I read this weeks sales. So now I need to hurry up and start the day! I have some coupon shopping to do and I need to make a sales list. I'll post later and let you know how it all works out!

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  1. Speaking of razors, both my son and my son-in-law have switched back to old fashioned safety razors (the ones with the blades that you take out and throw away after several shaves while retaining the holder. They are both convinced that they not only are saving money, but are getting better shaves in the process. The initial investment is more than the cost of some of the fancy disposables, but after that you really start saving money.


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