Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doctor's Visit #11- Week 38- Part 2

Eight days to go!

We got to the doctor's office almost an hour early after we finished after chore and errand that we could think of doing (it's hard to judge how long these things will take when you're coming from so far away!) and were prepared to wait... but this time our doctor was way ahead of schedule and they took us in right away.

I hadn't gained any weight and am currently holding steady at 44 lbs, just a little more than I gained with Sadie (2 lbs more, but starting from a little less than I started from with her). I talked with the nurse about all the contractions and other stuff that has been going on, we listened to the heartbeat (Maggie must not have much room to "evade" any longer because, for once, we were able to hear it without a ten minute search!) and then the doctor came in.

She did "check" to see what all the contractions are doing and I'm currently 2 cm's (I was a little surprised it wasn't more after all these contractions! At this point with Sadie I was at 4.). She said that if I really go into labor we'll come in and do the c-section early, but if not we're set for the 7th. A week from today we'll be headed into The City for the pre-op at the doctor's office and the hospital!

There's still so much to do!

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  1. We can't wait to meet little Miss Maggie! Good luck in getting everything done! I was still folding clothes and making lists in labor.


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