Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another Feast Day: Saint Therese of Lisieux

So many of my favorite feast days are in autumn!  I hadn't planned on doing anything special today, but I just couldn't let Saint Therese's day pass without doing something with the girls.  Paul was busy with a KofC meeting today (he's a third degree knight now, because apparently at colleges and universities the promotions can go pretty quickly!), which meant the girls and I were on our own.  After lunch I went into their room and set up my laptop and then piled a bunch of blankets and pillows on Mae's big girl bed (which is both girls favorite place to snuggle) and found Therese on Netflix.

We turned down the lights, opened the blinds so that Mae would leave them alone, and ate M&M's while we watched the movie.  Sadie was pretty fascinated, especially by the fact that there were five sisters in the family.  She began by insisting that Therese was Mary, then began calling her Mary Therese and then finally started calling her and every nun that came across the screen "Holy Baby!" in an excited voice.

Sadie's ongoing dialogue can be pretty amusing if it doesn't drive anyone crazy.  As we watched the movie she chatted pretty much non-stop:  "Where are they?  Where is France?  She is Mary.  Who is she?  What are they doing?  Where is she going?  What is she doing?  Where are they?..."

After that Sadie was pretty excited to color in the pages that I'd printed out, followed by chaos that was a result of a M&M misjudgement (the misjudgment was giving them chocolate at all, even as a treat).

They did seem to wear themselves out with all the running and squealing, however, and were in bed by 7:15.  Now if only they would sleep through the night...


  1. Well Sadie's not far off, Therese was born Marie Francoise Therese Martin.

  2. St. Therese has always been a favorite saint of mine... might have something to do with the fact that my given name is Marie Therese... ;)

  3. Sadie is just like my Andrew. He talks straight through every movie we watch, too - even ones he's seen before. :)


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