Friday, July 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

No bear sightings this week. Yet. For the past month, whenever I lulled into a false sense of security by a full seven bear-less days, she pops back up with frightening proximity. So we’re due for another bear visit any day now.
--- 2 ---

While I was upstairs getting ready this morning, Nani heard Sadie’s announce: “Nani! Mae Bae has a frog!” Nani turned to find Mae Bae sitting on the ground, holding a frog in both hands.

 Tonight Sadie carried a spider over and tried to hand it to me. I have apparently not instilled an appropriate fear of creepy crawly things in my girls (okay, the frog is okay… but the spider… I shudder just to think about it).

--- 3 ---

I’ve ordered a new mouse, since, at the moment, my keyboard is working again. I’m hoping the mouse helps my computer limp through the next few months. I am leaning towards (stalking) the Apple website for refurbished laptops. I’m not taking this one in for repairs since every time I’ve brought a computer in to our store they basically tell me it’s time to toss a little dirt on the computer and buy a new one… I like the refurbished idea though. Hopefully this one will last for a few more months.

--- 4 ---

Mae Bae thinks she’s quite grown up now that she’s a big two year old. And she looked quite a bit older when she tried on the white dress I made her. I really wish I had made a pattern when I cut out this dress, because I’d love to make a dozen of these dresses. Maybe I can reproduce it:

--- 5 ---

It can be tough living with two princesses. Especially when the older princess not only has to change dresses fifteen times a day… she has to change hair-styles now as well. First she needs two buns. Then she needs one. Then she needs a Snow White bow. I feel like I’ve enrolled in beauty school.

--- 6 ---

I’ve never seen two girls who were so bad at a watermelon-eating contest. You would have thought they were being poisoned:

--- 7 ---

I just finished up a post for tomorrow about my political evolution, from a communist to a conservative. Because this:

used to be my favorite t-shirt…

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