Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

I'm thankful for apartment rating sites at the moment.  We were just about to apply online to a beautiful apartment.  It looked fantastic (and better yet, had an online application, so we could have actually been approved when we went to see the apartment on our trip).  Then Paul went and googled their reviews and began to have doubts.  I was a little annoyed at first, and glared across the room, as if he were a little gloomy rain cloud who'd appeared to rain on my happy "look, I found an apartment" mood.

Until he said two words.

Bed bugs.

Apparently review after review mentioned bed bugs.

Shuddering, I closed the window for the application and began searching out other options.  Yuck.

--- 2 ---

Some people might be more likely to rent to you if you say:  "Hi, I'm a student." rather than "Hi, I'm a law student!"

Lesson learned.

--- 3 ---

I'm still marveling at the amazing-ness of the various vacuum bags I've been using to pack up our belongings.  I used some of the roll, travel bags and packed up our outfits for the trip today (with a lot of help from Mae Bae).

I used each package to pack an outfit for Paul, Sadie, Mae and myself and then rolled them up, compressed the air out and put them in the suitcase.  This is definitely going to make traveling easier, since I just pick out one roll of clothes everyday and everything else stays neat in it's own little package.

--- 4 ---

I was starting to feel nervous at dinner tonight, when I suddenly realized that I hadn't felt the baby move, all day long.  I told myself at the time that I probably hadn't noticed movement, because I'd been so busy rushing around packing.

After another couple hours of silence the baby is now having a party, complete with plenty of kicking.  I have a feeling that after such a quiet day, we're probably about to have a very wiggly night.

--- 5 ---

I've nearly finished a quilt for Sadie, that's a map of the US (she loves looking at maps).

It's just a panel that caught my eye earlier in the summer at Joann's, but I machine quilted around every single state and I've excited with how it's turned out.  Quilting the east coast and Alaska were definitely huge challenges, that I'm not looking to repeat anytime soon.

I can hardly wait to finish the binding tomorrow!  I think it should be ready to hand over to Sadie by the time we load up the car.

--- 6 ---

The movers called today and I noticed a definite difference (based on climate I think) between the answers I got from the movers in Florida and the movers in Michigan.  Both companies asked what time they should be there.  In response I asked each company what time they usually start in the morning.  The Michigan company said eleven (which was fine with me).  The Florida company said 6 am (I went with 8 instead).

Yes, knowing that it's going to be 80 degrees and sweltering by the time the sun comes up would definitely motivate me to be up and moving furniture early.

I'm very excited to have seasons again!
--- 7 ---

6 Quick Takes later, I'm still totally creeped out by the bed bugs.  I was so close to filling out the application!

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  1. 1. Oh my word. GROSS. That is so disgusting, I'm glad you were able to find that out before you found out the hard way!!!

    Hope your move goes well!

  2. Bed Bugs! How awful! I pray that you will find a better place very very soon. Great Blog!

  3. Good thing your husband noticed that! I'll have to keep those sites in mind as I (please God!) look for my own place after finding a job.


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