Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

I’m pretty sure that the voice that the baby best recognizes is Mae Bae’s. Mae Bae’s baby scream has actually woken me and the baby up in the middle of the night. Her squeals wake the baby up during the day. Yup, Mae Bae’s voice is the surest way to get the baby moving… even before the baby’s out, Mae is already disrupting nap time.

--- 2 ---

I don’t know how it’s possible that I have a child who hasn’t inherited my fear of spiders. In fact, I think I would appreciate a little more spider fear in this family. Because then I would never even dream of saying: “Hey, don’t eat that spider.”

--- 3 ---

We’re into day 2 of fairly smokey air. There’s a fire downriver that’s burned over 600 acres, and it’s making summer a little less pleasant then it was 48 hours ago. I feel a little stupid, because yesterday when I was driving with my mom I pointed out that we hadn’t had a major fire since 2008 (when lightening started thousands of fires in Northern California the night that Sadie was born… which forced us to evacuate one very smokey month later…) and that that probably meant we’re due for one (the fire before the 2008 fire was in 2006 and it actually started at our towns rifle range before burning miles to be stopped just short of a neighboring town. So we knew we were overdue. I hope they stop this one quickly this time and that no one gets hurt. A surprise rainstorm (without lightening) would be nice.

--- 4 ---

I sew and I sew and I sew and my fabric stash doesn’t seem to shrink (and I have been avoiding fabric stores). I was really hoping I’d manage to sew through my fabric before we headed east… not I’m just hoping that my fabric at least looks significantly smaller by the time we go home. I did pick up one of those vacuum bags last time we were at Ross, just in case the fabric continues to multiply while I’m sleeping.

--- 5 ---

Asthma and smoke definitely don’t mix. This newly diagnosed asthma is giving me a whole new level of empathy for Paul (and everyone else who has asthma). And while I know the doctor didn’t want to give me an inhaler because of the pregnancy, I have to say, the mix of smoke and asthma makes me a little nervous. Thankfully I just get raspy and wheezy and a little bit dizzy. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for those of you who actually can’t breath at all.

--- 6 ---

Mae Bae and Sadie both had birthday money that they took to a local store earlier this week. The store is pretty amazing for a small town: the kids section is completely full of Melissa and Doug toys. Mae picked out a little wooden doll house with wooden furniture, and a baby doll. Hilarity followed as she began to play with her baby. She carries it and kisses it. She tries to make it walk. She holds it up like she’s nursing it. And then she puts it down and puts her hands in the air and growls like a bear and then giggles hysterically. It’s going to be interesting to see what Mae thinks of the new baby!

--- 7 ---

Now to get some sleep. Tomorrow the whole family is escaping the smoke and going to the ocean. As long as the freeway is open.

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  1. You really should talk to your doctor about an inhalor for your asthma. If you can't breathe, your baby can't get any oxygen either. I just know that when I ended up in the hospital with an asthma attack everyone was shocked I didn't have an inhalor, especially because I was pregnant. (I didn't know until then that I had asthma.) Good luck!

  2. Ref #2... I was making dinner to tonight when out of the corner of my eye I caught a large spider crawling up my bicep. I screamed bloody murder and knocked it off with a chicken breast covered in blackened seasoning. DH though had just come thru the door home from work and thought I really was being murdered. It's funny now, but oh my word... I h.a.t.e. spiders!!

  3. We don't get many wildfires here, but we sure have the heat and drought! Praying hard for rain everywhere.

  4. I know what you mean about not wanting to take an inhaler while pregnant. But like my specialist told me 'baby needs Momma able to breathe'. So I would use my ventalin but not my steroid inhaler.

  5. Yeah, I have to second LouLou. Albuterol is less risky to baby than not breathing. I've had to double up on maintenance and emergency asthma meds for every pregnancy (pregnancy makes my asthma much worse) and my kids are relatively normal. Kind of. They don't have asthma, at least. So that should be totally reassuring to you.

  6. My Little Tiger was only a few months old when she caught and was proudly munching on the leg of a HUGE spider, the rest of which was clutched in her hand.

    I screeched, removed all spider parts with the rag, and then threw up in the toilet after flushing said spider parts.

    I HATE spiders. HATE HATE HATE SPIDERS. Hubby insists I'm phobic and reasons I ought to get help in getting over it. I pointed out that I no longer drench the house with poisons on sighting a spider, I no longer insist that the useful spiders in the garden be killed, and I didn't use soap on the baby's tongue when she tried to eat that spider leg.

    Further than that I will not go.


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