Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Heading Cross Country Sale (with a coupon code!)

I do not need to go to the fabric store on Saturday.

I've been repeating these words to myself over and over again, each time the opposing thought, "I think I'll ask Paul to go to the city with me this weekend to pick up some dupioni silk" goes through my mind.

Because the last thing I need right now, is new fabric, to be hauled from California to Boston and then back down to Florida.  And there's not additional room in our van for fabric, no matter how pretty or discounted it is.

At least that's what I keep telling myself whenever the fabric buying impulse arrives.

I did find one of those vacuum bags at Ross to put the fabric that I haven't yet sewed into for the trip, so that I don't have to worry about the giant tupperware container shifting and falling out of the van and spewing silk and lace everywhere, when the time comes to load up the car in a week and a half.  And I have another one to safely protect the snoods that make the trip with us.

However, I am hoping to leave the state of California with considerably less fabric and crafting supplies than I arrived with.  And that is actually the point of this post, because I just posted a coupon code for a discount on both of my Etsy shops.

With all the craziness of the upcoming months, at the moment my next planned sale is my Thanksgiving sale in late November, because I'm not really certain that I'll have time before then to handle a potential sale-size rush of orders, between returning cross country, losing Paul to his second year of law school, and entering the third trimester... so if you're looking for a sale this is definitely the time to shop!

The sale starts now and will end on Sunday the 22nd, so that I have time to finish up all the orders and ship them before closing down my store for the return trip (which begins on the 28th).  I'm hoping to reopen the shop around August 7th, although that will depend on the level of craziness that faces our family during the first two weeks of August (and there's quite a bit of potential for craziness in the next few weeks!).  Hopefully though, I'll be up and running around that date (and I'll definitely keep you posted on the possibility of a wonderful curve ball that would set back the reopening a week or two).

And now for the coupon code!  Shop now and insert the phrase CrossCountry10 into the coupon code box on Etsy in either A Snood for All Seasons or Sadie's Saints (or both) to receive your 10% off discount!

I'm going to try to keep posting new items in the coming days, along with the sale, depending on how busy things are and how much time I have to paint and sew!


  1. Good luck on your move, Cam! Too bad we weren't closer! One of these days we'll have to catch up with each other.

  2. From California to Boston? That's quite a road trip!!! Visiting Paul's family, perhaps?

    My younger daughter, grandson and I will be flying to Boston to spend the first week of August visiting my Dad and other family/friends! I hope it's much cooler up there when we arrive than it has been; even Dad's been using his A/C. which is rare for him.

    Wishing you a successful sale and safe travels!


  3. I have the same impulse with Goodwill and JoAnn's. I don't need more fabric! I really don't.

  4. You don't happen to have any tan/light brown lace for a convertible headcovering, do you?


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