Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Great Adventure: Day 2- Nevada to Nebraska

We had big plans on Day 2.  We woke up early and got the girls dressed and fed.  We all piled back into the car, ready to drive over 200 miles to attend Mass at the cathedral, before getting back on the road.  It was going to be close, but I thought we could make it.  Until, a half hour into the trip, I realized that we were about to pass from Pacific to Mountain time and lose an hour. 

And 80, going through Nevada, isn’t one of those roads doted with Catholic Churches (nor is it in Utah). 

So instead, we stopped in Salt Lake City for a quick lunch at a deli, before getting back on the road, having arrived one hour too late for Mass. 

Our next non-gas stop was dinner in Laramie, Wyoming, which may well be one of the friendliest towns in the US, before we were back on the road.

We drove 900 miles on Day 2 and made it to the Knight’s Inn in North Platte Nebraska, a little after midnight, feeling as if we’d made up a bit of the time we’d lost the first day (although not yet on schedule).

I was beginning to feel confident in the direction the trip was taking... little did I know that less than ten hours after we pulled into the parking lot of our motel, the second mini-disaster of the trip was going to strike...

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