Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No Way Women "can vote Republican?"

We've once again reached that lucky time of year when Hollywood feels the need to bestow political "wisdom" upon us.  Don't you feel fortunate?

 I imagine quite a few women will disagree with that statement...

I know I do.  Enthusiastically:

I readily admit that the party doesn't reflect my beliefs perfectly.  But we have a choice to make and honestly, when I go into that little cubby to pull the lever (or in the case of voters here, fill in the little dot very carefully with a black pen) I don't hesitate.  I'm not even vaguely tempted to support the alternative.

Darn.  I guess that means I'm just going to keep falling short of Hollywood's expectation for woman-kind.


  1. Oh, it's also if you're poor you can't vote Republican. I'm a traitor in both ways I guess.

  2. I got that a lot on our last election cycle. "You're too young to be voting conservative!" Turned out they were right: only voted for them for the Arctic Soveirgnty issue and they just ignored that particular plank of the platform. Oh well. Guess it's time to go back to voting Green.

    As a general rule, don't let political wisdom shape your vote. Do your homework, search your conscience, and vote for the best fit. Don't hold out on voting because there isn't a perfect one, either.

    A-1 stuff, Cam!

  3. Uh-oh! I guess I must have a serious problem. I'm a woman and I've only ever voted Republican. Whoops! Quite honestly, I doubt I'll ever find a good reason to vote Democrat.

    I despise when celebrities do political endorsements with hopes of swaying some of the masses to vote for who they tell them to often for trite reasons. They're not "experts" on politics and thus should keep their personal opinions to themselves when it comes to such issue.

  4. Absolutely! I also agree enthusiastically, not only for the following reason but for more:
    I don't know how any parents can vote liberal knowing how many more babies were killed due to Roe v Wade. And birth control is NOT health care!

    Die-hard Republican here!

    Another reason to vote R: Financial. Not only my belief in taking care of yourself and your own, but nowhere in the Bible or any other highly regarded text (holy books) is there promotion of financial dependence on any other. Nowhere in any holy book is there found support of public coffers. In the Bible alone there are numerous passages instructing us to take care of yourself and your own and degrading those who do not.

  5. I love it when people try to tell me how to think. Yes, miss Eva Longoria, my educational status is higher than yours but I bow to your clearly superior understanding of politics.

  6. This Democrat tends to be unimpressed when celebrities talk politics.

  7. How horrific not to measure up to Hollywood's standards of ideal womanhood. ~cough, cough~


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