Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Idea for a New Project

Yesterday, after pinning a few more snoods and headcoverings, I decided to try something new.  I made a note of what time it was and started to sew a new dress.  This was the outcome:

It has french seams (so the seams are enclosed) and looks quite professional on the inside as a result.

And can't you tell that Mae is enthusiastic about modeling it for me.  She may still be a little bitter about being told that she absolutely is not to eat any spiders that she finds when she's playing outside.  

After seeing the outcome, I began toying with the idea of selling these too.  You see, I'm slowly building my confidence towards someday maybe possibly adding princess dresses and nun habits to Sadie's Saints... I'm not quite there yet since I do fittings when I make them for my girls, and I need to really nail the pattern (okay, right down the pattern, instead of just winging it) before I sell them in my shop.  And also because each princess dress takes about 6 hours (with the habits being around the same price) and I'm not sure the amount I'd have to sell them for would be reasonable.

However, when I used my handy calculating strategy to calculate the price of this style of dress I came up with $18 plus shipping and handling.  

Of course, I'm still a ways away from selling them (I'd like to have quite a few made and be back in my sewing room at home before I list them)... but what do you think?  Is $18 a fair price for this little girl dress?


  1. Too low! :)

    You are not a sweat shop. Dear Cam. $22.00 :)

  2. Was thinking something similar - my first thought was at least $20. $25 to make a decent profit, especially if it's for a larger girl.

  3. No less than $18, especially since you are doing French seams and not just zig zag. I make a similar dress for Market and sell them for $20 (I like even numbers). With the price of fabric you can't sell for less.

  4. I think it is a good price because people would probably choose yours over higher priced competition. My friend makes and sells that style dress on Etsy for $25, but with each dress purchased she makes and sends one to Haiti. Her shop is One More Dress, I believe.

  5. I have 4 daughters and a granddaughter. I say between $22 and $25 dollars. If you want to have a sale or "clearance" then $18. I want to be your 1st customer! My granddaughter is 20months and weighs 29lbs. I think she just started wearing a 2t. I'm serious! I want one:))

    I have a PayPal account so just let me know.


    Kim chrisman

  6. Forget making them, sell patterns! Especially for the princess dresses / nun outfits.

    25 + for the dress you showed, more for the princess / nun. At least 40 or more for them.

  7. I would say $25 for the dress pictured at least! Especially since you are doing French seams!

    I would also see about making PDFs of your patterns (make your patterns!!!) and listing those for $10-15.


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