Monday, July 23, 2012

Ready, Set...

I think that the obsessive list making will start soon.

Paul is fielding calls from apartments.  Plenty of emails are coming in and saying that they can't lease month to month, but we are getting positive responses to, from apartments who are willing to work with us.  I emailed quite a few places that said they required a 12 month commitment, asking if they would consider anything more flexible, because I figured it couldn't hurt to ask!

When I get too tired to sew I obsessively pin home improvement ideas and crafts on my pinterest.  After all, I can't quite start packing up our limited belongings here, and I'm going a little stir crazy thinking of the massive too do list that needs to be done, that I can't get to work on until we're back in our apartment rushing around 24 hours a day for three days.

I did stay up until midnight sewing a maternity dress to wear to Mass yesterday.  I held it up before inserting elastic into the waist, neckline and sleeves and Paul looked at me like I was insane (it looked like it would have been a bit to big for him, pre-elastic and I think for a horrifying moment he thought I was making him a giant mumu type shirt).

Now to go enjoy our last Monday in California!  I still can't believe how fast this summer has gone by!

Sometimes it feels like the time in law school is lived in double time.  It's so stressful, but it also goes by so quickly!


  1. You might try to offer to pay in full (If you can) for however much time you would like. They like the money in the hand idea.

  2. I've been wondering about that. We're waiting on Paul's acceptance packet with the financial aid info right now. I'm so impatient for it to arrive, because it's hard to work out details until we know how much we have to spend!

    Really, really hoping it arrives today!

  3. If you don't mind me asking, is Paul still planning on becoming a canon lawyer?

  4. Hi Joseph-

    At the moment it doesn't seem to be in the cards. I think he would love to keep studying, but it's more in the realm of "someday" if we pay off everything and have an income where he can go back to school too. Not sure if that will ever happen though!


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