Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

I kicked off the morning by making Tahini and Pumpkin porridge, pointing out to Sadie that it was what Goldilocks ate and then repeatedly saying to Paul:  "Well. it certainly feels like Lent now.  Doesn't it?  I think that this is one of the best Friday Lent meals ever?  It really makes it feel like Friday, huh?"

I might have been particularly gleeful since someone brought home to boxes of Pączkis and everyone ate them in front of me.  Powdered sugar covered cherry and creme filled pastry goodness.  I could smell them.  It was torture.

There was also no cheering when I announced I'd be making Butternut Sage soup for lunch and Broc-Cauli Chowder for dinner.  There will also probably not be celebration when I make enough of either of those soups to last through all the Fridays in Lent.

--- 2 ---

This giveaway is still so awesome that it gets its own Quick Take today.  I don't think I've ever liked a giveaway enough to come back more than one day to enter.  But yeah.  This one is that cool!

--- 3 ---

Mae Bae has a new word and it makes my heart feel all warm and glow-y every time she says it, even though it has yet to be directed at me.

She'll repeat it, in her sweet little voice and my heart leaps for joy!

"Love, love, love!"

She never says it just once.  It trips off of her lips over and over again.

And it has only been said to one person?  Any guesses?

Patrick.  The first time she said it, she stood next to him and stared at him for a solid ten minutes.  I was watching her, hoping that she wasn't jealous.  Then she reached forward and touched his nose and mouth very gently and began repeating "love, love, love" over and over again.

Yesterday she was silent at first, then showered him with kisses while he smiled at her (which is a change since generally he's rather watchful around his rambunctious two year old sister) before saying it.

Yup.  Every time I think about it, it makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy.

--- 4 ---

Patrick got dressed up to take his sister to dinner before the butterfly ball (a special occasion and the last time we're going out until my birthday on April 1st!).  He fussed when I put him into his button up shirt... but I kind of think he looks like Daddy in it!

He let us know what he thought about getting dressed up.
--- 5 ---

In other Patrick related news, I've never seen a three month old who is so in love with his "loveys."  He has a stuffed giraffe that plays music and several soft cuddly blankets.  He pulls the blanket and the lovey up to his face and presses them against his cheek to go to sleep.  If he's been nursed and changed and burped and played with and he starts to fuss I know what he wants.  I'll hand him his giraffe and his blanket and he's play with them for a few minutes and fall asleep...

And then I go to work trying to slip them away from his face while he sleeps... and he does is darnedest to wake up and catch me.

--- 6 ---

Paul proposed seven years ago yesterday.
It was cold.

I remembered last night at about 8 o'clock.

This conversation followed:

Me: "Hey! Seven years ago today you proposed!"
Paul: "You just remembered?"
Me: Silence and then... "Did you remember all day?"
Paul: "Yes."
Me: "Me too." with a cheesy grin.
Paul: "Do you need to go to confession now?"
Me: "Pretty much."

Um... how does one forget that when the proposal date is Valentine's Day?  Sleep deprivation?  

Our Valentine's Day treat was falling asleep at 9 pm.  I can't remember the last time that happened.  

--- 7 ---

I realized on Wednesday that I really, really struggle with my pride during Lent.  I have this driving desire to fast, even though I know that my body can't handle it and it will be a very bad thing.  And it feels like a pride, that somehow I should be able to do it,  and everything will be fine, and I have to remind myself fifty times a day that milk production is directly linked to food intake and I just can't and that there's a reason that these exemptions exist.  

I have been pregnant or nursing (or both) for the past 52 months.  I imagine there's a good chance that I could be in this situation for quite a few years in the future (God willing).  You'd think I'd have come to terms with this, oh I don't know, two or three Lent's ago.  But no.  It's still something I wrestle around with in my head.  I think it might be harder this year, because without wheat and eggs and potatoes and everything else the Boy is allergic to, there isn't really anything in the food category (that I would miss) left to give up.  I am avoiding meat (as long as I can), and getting my protein from tahini and sun butter and goat cheese... so I guess that's something.  

You'd think I'd be grateful not to fast, right?  I mean, it's not fun.  If I was really doing it, I'd be suppressing "I'm so hungry" whines in my head every five minutes.  And yet, illogically, I struggle with it.  

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  1. He brought a box of Pączkis home and ate them in front of you and you let him live? ;)

    I had a bit of envy to deal with when family and friends from back home posted about eating them, they are gooooood. Maybe next year.

  2. I hear you on the pride during Lent issue.
    I had a long chat with my husband about giving things up for Lent and he had such an excellent piece of advice. I'll share it with you:
    Pick something that you know you can do successfully, but you'll think about every day.
    He has given up sugar in his coffee. I've given up bread - I have toast and eggs most morning. So I'll think about it every morning.
    Right now especially I think you should choose something that is not food related as you are having such food issues with Patrick. The Lent of my first pregnancy I gave up music in the car.
    I love that you sort of forgot the day Paul proposed! Sam proposed on the 4th of July so especially since I'm canadian, I always joke that that's the real reason for the fireworks! ;)

  3. I echo completely the sentiment of Hannah; "I think you should choose something that is not food related." Between the allergy problems and the fact that you are nursing, this is, quite frankly, a common sense issue.

    There are reasons that the Church has Her rules and obligations, and there are also good reasons for the exemptions She grants. It is a sign of true humility to accept Her wisdom.

  4. Visiting from Jen's and I just realized that I've ALSO been pregnant and/or nursing for the past 52 months! That's SUCH A LONG TIME!!! Definitely makes food-related Lenten sacrifices more difficult :)

  5. Ha ha - yeah, when I read your comment on my page I was thinking "Wait a gosh darn minute - I get the allergies - but she needs to eat!"

    LoL. Glad to see your mind understands this, even if your heart is stamping it's little feet in frustration.

    You're a great mom and a wonderful wife. You sacrifice day in and day out more than you probably realize. Methinks Our Lady might suggest you take a break from being too hard on yourself for Lent. ;)

    BTW - Happy Proposal Anniversary!


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