Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick takes Friday

--- 1 ---

So... February probably isn't the best time for me to be making major decisions when it comes to my hair.

You see, back in the day, before I met Paul, I used to get my hair trimmed and colored once a month.  It was bright red and shoulder length and it flipped out at the ends and I paid about $200 each time I saw my brilliant russian hairdresser Nina, to keep it that way.  I was working about 40 hours a week, between working in the college training room and lifeguarding at the pool, and I had extra money and I spent it.

That seems like a very long time ago now.  But lately (read: this week) I've been feeling like my hair needs a change.  I'd look in the mirror and my eyes would just look tired and I'd think "bangs, I need bangs!" but let's face it, it would be silly to spend money on something like a hair cut (I cut everyone else's hair in this house) and it's not something I really need.  Paul cut my hair, back in August 2011, and he did a good job, but I wasn't sure I trusted him to try something more than a straight line to even out the ends.  And my hairs pretty much up in a bun anyways, so does it really matter?

Then I went upstairs with the scissors...  And started trimming. 

Uh oh.  That's more hair than I thought it would be...
Trimming turned into cutting.... about halfway through I grabbed a box and thought... maybe this hair is long enough to donate:

And then the bangs... I cut them while my hair was dry and cut them longer than I thought they needed to be and still... still way too short.  But it's done.  And other than the bangs, I'm okay with the rest... Hoping Paul likes it too!

After washing it I realized that someone had moved my hairdryer (which I use like once a month)... so...
Here's me with towel dried hair after washing it!
 It could have been worse!
Now we just need to see how it dries...
Update!  Here it is dry!
--- 2 ---
He's getting too big for her to hold... but she still loves to try:

--- 3 ---

The storm hit.  This is the most snow we've had all year:

--- 4 ---

Of course he's happy!  He has his blankey.  He loves that thing.  When he's crying and I give it to him he stops:

--- 5 ---

Getting ready for the craft fair (and still hoping I get picked).  There will be quilts:

--- 6 ---

Here they are doing school wearing the outfits Grumpa got them in San Diego when he went down there for their cousin's Marine Corp graduation:

--- 7 ---

Last night I caught them, each with a flash light in hand, trying to break out of their room to explore the house.  They're quite the team these days...

Here they are as Rapunzel and Snow White:

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  1. IMO the hair cut is adorable on you! Enjoy!!

    My big thing was new glasses this week. I LOVE the new reading glasses and it only took three or four hours to decide on the frames for the new computer/reading bifocals; then, if the difference in the prescriptions bother me, I will have to go in again and find another frame to redo the distance/reading bifocal pair. My eyes know I'm inching up on 50 even if my brain is too busy running after toddlers to consider it.

  2. Your hair looks very trendy; I don't think anyone could look at it and see the difference between home haircutting and salon. (speaking as someone who does all the family hair including my own) (and this includes an adopted Haitian child; big bucks saved there)

  3. Have you thought about doing a tag blanket for Patrick? I might send you one of my test ones to see how they stand up to real use.

  4. Awesome hair cut Cam! I can't believe you did that all on your own. So brave! It looks very modern and edgy and fun.


  5. I think the shorter hair and bangs suit you and highlight your pretty eyes. Good job! (Any time I've tried haircutting, it has ended in disaster...)


  6. The haircut is adorable! You look so young! (which isn't to say you didn't look young before but you know what I mean.)

  7. Your hair looks great!! I love it! I cut my own hair too (and everyone else's). Several years back, I bought a special scissors which layers the hair as it cuts it and it really makes cutting so much easier and not so "scary", if that makes sense. But, you did a great job, even without it!

  8. Ah! That baby smile does me a world of good. We college students are severely deprived of such things.

    And super cute haircut!

  9. Hair looks good! Sometimes a woman just needs a fresh look to feel her best.

    FYI - most chain hair salons will cut bangs for about $5. Well worth it to get it right. I can trim mine up in between cuts, but every couple of months I need a professional to reshape them properly. I go to Fantastic Sam's. I have them do my eyebrows too!


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