Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Bear Quilt: My Latest Project

I wasn't planning on making a baby quilt when I went to the fabric store a couple of weeks ago... but I had a coupon and then I spotted two of the cutes bear fabrics I'd ever seen, and they were on 40% off of a pretty good price and I melted.  

I often justify buying fabric by buying enough to make one to keep and one to sell.  I made the front of this quilt the night before last and returned to the store to get more of the fabric in pink and blue, because I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I apparently have a weakness for these particular teddy bears.  

I used the soft snuggle fabric for the back (the same as in the white squares) and I finished quilting it a little after midnight last night.  I'll hopefully have time to finish the binding tonight.

Here are some of the pictures as I went along:

After pinning it...

I love those bears!

The quilting begins!  I am a big fan of this sewing machine!
Now I just need to figure out a price!  Any suggestions in that area are appreciated because I keep going around and around about it in my head.  It's three feet by three feet, because I've found that's the perfect size for bundling around both Patrick and the girls when they're in the car.


  1. I've heard cost of materials times 3 is a good starting point when pricing.

  2. That quilt is adorable. I'm afraid I'm no help when it comes to pricing things like this. Knowing how long it took me to make a little quilt last year I'd probably price it way too high.

  3. Look on Etsy to see prices of comparable goods.

    When I went to a women's day out at church last year a woman was selling blankets at around $30-$40.

  4. I agree with Laura - I think on etsy they go for around 30-40...maybe 45.

  5. Cost of materials (don't forget multiple-use supplies like needles, pins, scissors that will need to be sharpened eventually, marking pens, etc. - add a couple of dollars for those things too) x3

    Unfortunately on Etsy, crafters often underprice their items, thus bringing down the earning potential of everyone else selling similar stuff! Charge what you're worth.


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