Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pick Me, Pick Me!

I woke up this morning with the sudden realization that it was February 5th and that I'd almost forgotten something very important.  At 9 am this morning registration began for the local University's craft fair.  Now this craft fair is huge.  Think hundreds of vendors and tens of thousands of people shopping (the estimate I saw said 60,000 for both events, which from reading the paragraph sounded like it meant both days).  We went to the Christmas fair, to see what it was like, and it was huge and the site said it averages 10,000 shoppers.  So getting a booth could be a very, very good thing for me.  

I went to the application site an hour before and realized that to apply I had to have four pictures. One of me in my workspace, one of my set up for the fair and two of my wares. I panicked, since I didn't have any pictures of me working in my workspace.  After using the hour that I usually use blogging working on finding pictures I came up with these, which hopefully will be enough to get me one of those hundreds of booths.  My application went in at 9:17 am... and I'm praying I'll get an email telling me my shop has been selected!

The workspace photo:

The Setup (although that would likely be different now):

My Wares 

I've been working on coming up with patterns for my princess dresses and regular cute cotton dresses so that I can sell them in different sizes.  Last night I finished two patterns.

For some reason I've always been nervous about selling dresses online where people can't see the actual sizes.  I think coming up with these patterns for consistencies sake will help me with that.

I'm planning on aiming for more little kid outfits and toys for this particular fair, because I think those will sell well here.  Now to wait to see if I made it in!

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