Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bedtime Bear

Last night I heard a small sing song voice coming down the stairs about an hour after bed time.  I peeked up from the bottom of the stairs and saw Mae, sitting on a step in her pajamas, wide awake.  Scooping up the stairs we headed back to her room and I asked her:  "Did you come downstairs because you wanted a bedtime story?"

"Yeah..." she said, her little arms hugging tightly around my neck.  I tucked her gently back into bed and told her the same story I tell every night, since the girls are obsessed with it at the moment.  It has the elements Mae Bae wants (a map and an adventure) and the elements Sadie wants (she and her sister are princesses and baby Patrick tags along with them too).  On Mae's bed was her little toy flashlight and a book, showing why the previous hour had passed so quietly that I'd been sure she was already asleep.

As I told the story she hugged Oatmeal Bear and repeated: "Bear.  Bear.  Bear.  Bear!" while giggling.

Then I sang a made up song that my mom used to sing to me when I was little, replacing the name of my bear (Pink Bear) with Oatmeal Bear.  About half way through the song Mae was giggling hysterically.  After singing it twice I tucked the covers around her (although it was pretty clear that she was ready to get out of bed and play more), reset the gate slightly higher so that she couldn't squeeze under it, but hopefully wouldn't be able to scale it (yeah, right...) and closed the door.

Then it was downstairs for laundry and sewing and waiting for Paul to get home so that we could watch one episode of Doctor Who while I knitted... and then, finally with my orders for today that need to go out done, it was time for sleep...

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